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School Counseling


Professional Counseling Websites
Tennessee Model for Comprehensive School Counseling

American School Counseling Association

American Counseling Association

National Association of School Psychologists

Stop Bullying Now

PBS Kids: It's My Life

Facts for Families

A Kid’s Guide to Divorce

A Parent's Guide to Divorce

What Kids Need When Parents Divorce
This is a blog designed to help parents help their children through divorce.  You can ask questions and leave comments.  This blog was developed by the National Center for Youth Issues.

Normal Grief Responses in Children to help.htm

Children and Grief


Depression and Grief
This is a blog about how to help children of various ages with depression and grief.  You can ask questions and leave comments if you like.  This is from the National Center for Youth Issues.

Transition to Middle School
National Center for Youth Issues

I have found a great book for parents and students to use to help their children transition from elementary to middle school.  The name of the book is Success in Middle School: A Transition Road Map by Carol Carter.  It has questions for your student to think about and fill out.  It is a great book for the parent and student to read and complete together.  You can order it at the above link or find it on

Internet and Social Media Safety
Internet and Social Media Safety

This is the National Crime Prevention Council's website on Internet and Social Media Safety.  There is some very valuable information on how to talk to your child about staying safe on the internet and using their cellphones responsibly.

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