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Kelly Sheppard Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Sheppard's Homeroom Schedule (2013-2014)

7:45-7:55= attendance & lunch count/ HOMEROOM

7:55-915= 1ST period/ Mrs. Keele (ELA)

9:20-10:40= 2nd period & snack/ Sheppard (Math)

10:45-12:05= 3rd period/ Foster (Sc/S.S./Writing)

12:15-12:45= Lunch

12:55-1:25= restroom/recess

1:25-1:55= Intervention time

2:00-2:40= Special Class

(Music, P.E. Computer, Library, alternating schedule)

2:40-2:50= fill out agendas & pack-up  

2:50-3:30= Homework and math tutoring
                  while waiting for buses to be called

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