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Kristin Rondolet Staff Photo

Supply List 

Third Grade Supply List

Instructional Materials

* 1 box of crayons (24 county) Or  colored pencils with a small sharpener

* 4 glue sticks- may need more as year progresses!!!

* Pack of pencils

* box of cap erasers

* scissors with pointed tip

* small plastic box that will hold supplies

* wooden or plastic rulers (must have inches, centimeters, & millimeters)

* 2 packs of WIDE ruled notebook paper (not wire bound)

* small binder to hold paper (no larger than 1")

* 3 boxes of Kleenex

* baby wipes

* 3 rolls paper towels

* pack of 3x5 index cards

* 4 pack of EXPO markers

* bottle of germ-x

***NO Trapper Keepers or Large binders!!! They will not fit in the desks!!!

Wish List    (These items are not necessary, but are greatly appreciated!)

* tennis balls

* cheap paper plates

* extra items from the instructional list


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