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Donna Grosch Staff Photo

Supply List 

 Supply List

Wide ruled notebook paper

24 Yellow # 2 pencils

 pack of Crayola crayons- 24 count


White liquid glue

4 count stick glued

2 boxes of tissues

1 Mead composition book

(100 pages, black and white, no spiral bounding)

1 plastic or wooden ruler with inches and centimeters

3 large containers of antibacterial wipes

1 bottle of liquid antibacterial soap

1 bottle of Purel or Germ-X

1 box of Band-Aids

Zippered backpack (no wheels)

Plastic folders- prongs and pockets

Gallon sized Ziplock bags


Wish List

More wipes

More Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

Cap erasers

4 tennis balls

Paper towels

Expo markers

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