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Supply List 

Mrs. Robinson's Supply List
(This list is just for my room)

 Please do not put names on the supplies.

8 Elmers glue sticks*

1 pair Fiskar or Academic Scissors*

1 pkg pencils-solid color*

3 boxes tissues*

1 bottle antibacterial soap and/or Germ-x*

4 packs Crayola Crayons-24 count*

Backpack-no wheels*

2 wide-ruled spiral notebooks (70 page) any color

2 Three ring hard back binder (when your child needs a new one, I will contact you)

Girls bring-Quart freezer baggies (zipper close)*
Regular size paper plates*
White lunch sacks

Boys bring-Gallon-sized freezer baggies (zipper close)*
Dessert-sized paper plates*
brown lunch sacks
*Supplies wanted by all 1st grade teachers

For Home your 1st grader will need:

1 pkg. crayons - 8 count


Glue stick


If possible please send the following:

Paper towels

snack bags

Wet Wipes

Clorox Wipes

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